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Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Process

So I felt like it was important for me to seperate my personal blogomania into a two-pronged approach. The one being an all over the place full on rambling rant about whatever comes into my head, and the other (AKA this) being a slightly more structured focus on the process of writing. Initially I was going to call this blog simply The Process, but alas someone started a blog back in '01 with that title. He only kept at it for a few months, and it was way more content focused than I think I am capable of. He talks about adding new characters to his novel, and his ideas on the character's sexuality, which is pretty low in the list of important things in the lives of my characters. Mostly they are like me, so they have no sex life. Actually I just read his first post and it turns out he was blogging about the process of writing erotic fiction about the BDSM world. So there you have it.
I, myself, am working on two projects specifically, which I'll get into in more detail in a minute, but the pork chops just binged at me, so I'm gonna go do that right quick. More on the exciting details of my personal quest for self-fulfillment through writing, and then 10 easy steps to achieve it yrself. Okay...

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